War of Millenia

The War of Millenia was the result of a disagreement between the two halves of Exarch society on how Earth should be handled. Ultimately two dominant factions arose, The Heavenly Ones and The Legion. The Heavenly Ones, led by Sara Virus, believed that Earth and the Mortals should be left alone to develop on their own until such a time when the Exarchs could reveal themselves and the two races could live side by side. The Legion, led by Lucius Virus, believed that Earth and the mortals were nothing more than simple Exarch creations and should be ruled over as such.

This conflict began peacefully and carried on that way for many years. Then, in the capital city of Millenia during a meeting of Exarch leadership at which both Sara and Lucius were in attendance, an argument broke out between the siblings, which eventually led to violent fighting between their supporters. When all was said and done Sara Virus was dead, slain by the hand of her own brother. Lucius fled the city with his supporters and hid. They were ruthlessly hunted by the watch and any known Legion supporters/sympathizers who had not fled were rounded up and tortured for information.

The situation deteriorated over the next 6 months and eventually broke into widespread fighting and outright war. The war persisted for the next thousand years with no side gaining the upper hand. The fighting often became bad enough that the battles would spill over into the Earth domain, causing massive mortal and Exarch casualties.

Eventually it was determined that the war would destroy society before it was ever resolved and that something needed to be done. The leaders from both Factions gathered in a secure location and began to work on determining a solution. Eventually they decided upon the creation of The Apocalypse Council. This council was designed as a peacekeeping solution to keep the two sides in check. It established four individuals who were given massive power in order to perform their duties.

Over time it became apparent that the council would not be able to maintain peace with only four individuals no matter how powerful they were. The council members were then allowed to recruit armies to be convened only in times when the council needed additional muscle. It was during this recruitment period that the council-members began to be referred colloquially by some different, more interesting names: War, Pestilence, Strife, and Death. Collectively they were known as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Council.

War of Millenia

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