Heavenly Chaos

Diplomacy = Lightning
When the party tastes its own foot.

Well we began in a briefing room, with the heads of both armies. They gave us the choice of work for us and die in secret, or don’t and die in the multitudes of other warriors on the front lines.

We took the secret one and were ported to the desert just south of Cairo Egypt. We got a hummer to start working with some well placed lightning and a boot to the grill. We started making our way north and come across a road block set up by Pestilence’s army. It consisted of two arms-men and a magic wielding guy. We get out of our car with the intention of talking our way past the guards, then the shaman looses lightning into the foremost guard. Combat breaks out and there are two people that were stealthed behind the road block. We emerge from our scrap triumphant, barely together in some of our cases but triumphant nonetheless. Then we set our eyes on Cairo


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